Pork / Heart

Pork heart, centrifuged.

Within export and import of meat we are focused on large part of middle of Europe - Slovak, Polish, Czech and Hungarian market.

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Pork brain.

Pork cheek meat, boneless.

Pork ears

Pork front feet
Clean, without nails, hairless.

Pork hind feet. Clean, without nails, hairless.

Pork liver.

Pork lungs.

Pork mask without ears, with snout.

The medium part of pork mask, without ears, without snout. Hairless.

Pork pancreas.

Pork snout, cut by half.
Approx. length: 10-12 cm.

Pork spleen

Pork tongues, swiss cut.

Pork inner fat

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