Pork / Mixed rind

Rind from shoulder, leg, belly.

Within export and import of meat we are focused on large part of middle of Europe - Slovak, Polish, Czech and Hungarian market.

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Pork back rind, without fat.

Pork diaphragm without membrane

Pork trimming from head, includes neither internal nor external cheek.

Pork inner fat

Pork jowl, rind on.
With Control cut.

Pork jowl, rindless.
With Control cut.

The membrane of pork leg.
Approx. fat content: 20% (VL).

From shoulder and leg shanks, rindless, boneless.

from belly part, rindless.

Pork meat trimming from belly. Approx. fat content: 50% (VL).

Pork meat trimmings from leg. Without softbones, boneless, rindless.
Approx. fat content:40% (VL).

Pork meat trimmings from shoulder and leg.
Witjout softbones, boneless, rindless.
Approx. fat content:...

Pork meat trimmings from different origins (loin, shoulder, leg, belly, tenderloin, etc), without softbones,...

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